Scotch & Soda

The free spirit of Amsterdam

Various work I did as Scotch & Soda’ in-house graphic designer. 2020–2022

Art Director: Martijn Vooijs
Motion design: Alexander Kelly
Windows/3D: Davy Provo

︎︎︎ IG highlights

IG Stories ︎︎︎

︎︎︎ Slogans for World Water Day

︎︎︎ Spotify playlist covers 

︎︎︎ Earth Day POS, In-store A4 prints

︎︎︎ Scotch & Soda beach party invite
︎︎︎ Pride window sticker (Berlin)

︎︎︎ Vacation Shop

︎︎︎ Images in use for anything sustainability related

︎︎︎ In-store graphics (Shanghai & Johannesburg)

︎︎︎ The Free Spirit of Amsterdam Posters

︎︎︎ Born to Love campaign SS21

︎︎︎ Holidays From Home campaign FW20

︎︎︎ Valentines Day 2021

BUS 12

Student club night at EKKO

Switch 2021

New creations by the dancers of NDT

Event campaign.
Graphic & motion design. 2021.

︎︎︎ Event poster

︎︎︎ Exclusive riso print

Royal Acedemy of Art

Raw material, royal imagination

Campaign for the open day.
Concept, photography & graphic design. 2019.

Raw material can symbolize a sketch, a theory or an idea. It could be a found object or trash. It can be a powerful fascination. In short: all sorts of building bricks for the creative mind to build its own imaginary worlds with. It can even refer to the unpolished but highly potential student itself who is about to discover the boundaries of its own creativity.

Paradiso Amsterdam

Pop temple, poster paradise   

Posters, posters & posters. Posters. 2018 – present

︎︎︎ Club nights, raves and student parties

Concerts ︎︎︎

︎︎︎ Cultural events, readings and symposia

︎︎︎ Miscellaneous

Posters in the wild ︎︎︎

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